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Maxi-Cosi cowls

With these knitted Maxi-Cosi cowls, your car seat will look great. The cowls partially protect against the sunlight. Will you choose a cowl with a cool knitted cable pattern, or rather a knitted cowl with stars? Every Maxi-Cosi cowl is easily attached to the car seat. Great to combine with a matching Maxi-Cosi cover. Suitable for Group 0 Maxi-Cosi car seats. The Maxi-Cosi cowls are available in various knitting patterns and colours.

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Maxi-Cosi cowl as a sun shade 

Baby's Only Maxi-Cosi cowls are often used as sun shades. However, because of the knitting, the sun will always be able to shine a little through the cowl. This means that it only partially protects against the sunlight. Take this into account and always take extra protective measures against the sunlight, because a sun shade alone is not enough.  

Pretty: Maxi-Cosi cowl with a matching cover and footmuff 

Every Baby's Only style has its own line of Maxi-Cosi cowls. So you are spoiled for choice and can make endless combinations. Do you want to make a gorgeous set for when you're on the road? Then combine a Maxi-Cosi cowl with a matching Maxi-Cosi cover and a Maxi-Cosi footmuff. Your baby will be transported like a monarch.  

Baby's Only Maxi-Cosi cowls Baby’s Only  

Baby’s Only Maxi-Cosi cowls are stylish and fashionable. They are suitable for all Maxi-Cosi Group 0 car seats, for children weighing 0-13 kg or up to the age of +/-12 months. The Maxi-Cosi cowls are available in various knitting patterns and colours. They match perfectly with the rest of the collection. 

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