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Maxi-Cosi Footmuffs

These knitted Maxi-Cosi footmuffs are ideal for on the road. They keep your child nice and warm in the car seat. The footmuffs are suitable for Group 0 car seats, for children weighing 0-13 kg or up to the age of +/-12 months. The universal footmuffs do not only fit in the Maxi-Cosi, but also in other brands of car seats. The footmuffs are easy to attach and are suitable for both three-point belts and five-point belts. Available as summer footmuffs and all-seasons footmuffs. Various knitting patterns and colours.

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Footmuff for a 5-point belt 

A footmuff is a vital item for when you're on the road. When buying your footmuff, be mindful of the type of belt you have. Not every footmuff is suitable for a 5-point seat belt. Baby’s Only footmuffs are suitable for a three-point seat belt and a five-point seat belt. So you will always be able to use your footmuff. 

Endless combinations with Maxi-Cosi footmuffs  

Baby’s Only has a large collection of Maxi-Cosi footmuffs and buggy footmuffs. Every Baby's Only style has its own line of footmuffs. So you are spoiled for choice and can make endless combinations. For instance, you can choose a matching buggy bag, Maxi-Cosi cover or Maxi-Cosi cowl, so that you will have a beautiful set when you're on the road. 

Baby’s Only summer footmuffs  

The Baby's Only summer footmuffs are a little thinner than the regular footmuffs. Using the press studs, you can turn the top into a kind of hood. Instead of microfibre, the interior of the Maxi-Cosi footmuffs has a breathable, moisture-absorbent cotton lining. This makes this type of footmuff a little less warm at higher temperatures. The front has a zipper and is completely detachable.  

Baby’s Only all-seasons footmuffs 

Baby's Only all-seasons footmuffs also called regular footmuffs have a soft microfibre lining on the inside and can be used all year long. Using the press studs, you can turn the top into a kind of hood. The front has a zipper and is completely detachable and can, depending on the temperature, be closed or left open. This allows you to regulate the temperature of your child in the footmuff, when you're on the road. 

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