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Storage baskets

These knitted storage baskets are ideal for storing toys and other items. Your room will stay nice and tidy, creating peace and calm. The storage baskets are easy to move, thanks to the leather handles on the sides. The bottom is extra resistant against moisture. Each storage basket is fortified, so that the basket will remain standing, even when there's nothing in it. Available in various colours and knitting patterns.

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Baby’s Only knitted storage basket 

Baby’s Only storage baskets have one thing in common: they are a real eye-catcher in the baby room or living room. Thanks to their large size, the square baskets are ideally suited to store a lot of items. For example stuffed animals, pillows, baby clothing and more. The outside of every storage basket is made of high-quality knitting and the inside is made of cotton. The bottom is made of imitation leather, making the basket extra resistant to moisture and water. 

Storage basket, storage box or toy basket 

No matter what you will use these practical storage baskets for, thanks to the great variety of colours, Baby's Only storage baskets match with every interior. Great to have in the kids' room as toy basket, but this knitted basket also looks nice in the living room. Perfectly suited for storing items, keeping your house nice and tidy.  

Keep your room tidy with storage bags, baskets and boxes  

You can store things in many different ways and containers. In addition to storage baskets, Baby’s Only also has an extensive collection of toy bags, pyjama bags and changing table baskets. This way, you can always keep your baby room and living room nice and tidy. 

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