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Baby crib sheets and Cot sheets

These baby sheets to use in the baby crib or cot look beautiful in the baby bed. The sheets are made of luxurious Egyptian cotton with a knitted border in various colours. The baby sheets are high-quality and match the baby blankets perfectly. The baby crib sheets are 100x80 cm and the cot sheets are 150x120 cm.

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Baby’s Only sheets 

Baby’s Only sheets are soft and comfortable for your baby and are of high quality. The coloured borders are a nice detail, making them suitable to combine with Baby's Only baby blankets. Mix & Match and you will have beautiful bed linens in your baby crib or cot. The baby sheets are available in a crib size and cot size. 

Baby crib sheets 

A baby crib sheet is, as the name suggests, a sheet for the baby crib. The size of a baby crib sheet is 100x80 cm. A baby crib sheet is combined with a baby crib blanket and together they form the bed linens for in the baby crib. 

Cot sheets 

A cot sheet is bigger than a baby crib sheet, since this sheet has to fit in a cot bed. A cot sheet is 150x120 cm and is combined with a cot blanket: the sheet goes underneath and the blanket goes on top. Then the sheet is folded. 

Baby crib and cot sheets of Egyptian cotton 

Baby's Only baby crib sheets and cot sheets are made of Egyptian cotton, which is known as the best raw material in the world for luxurious bedlinens. Baby sheets of Egyptian cotton are exceptionally strong, sustainable, soft and have a high absorption capacity. Your baby can sleep underneath these sheets all year long: in summertime they are extra light and in the winter they retain body heat. Because Egyptian cotton sheets do not fluff, these baby crib and cot sheets are very suitable for babies with a sensitive skin or allergy. 

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