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Warranty & Complaints 

Baby’s Only exclusively delivers quality products. Nonetheless, it may occur that a product is not in perfect shape or is broken unexpectedly. Our dealers will then do everything they can to satisfactorily handle the complaint. Is a product broken or does it have flaws? Then stop using it for your child.  

Warranty procedure 

Always contact the store where the product has been bought. Don't forget to bring your receipt.  

It is not possible for consumers to file a warranty application with Baby’s Only directly. When in doubt, the shop owner will contact us. 

Defects not included in the warranty. 

The warranty includes manufacturing defects and material defects. Product defects due to wear and tear or wrongful use are not included in the warranty.  

Warranty does not apply when: 

  • there is no receipt.
  • ​the product has not been washed as stated on the care label (never let the product soak and do no use a hand wash program or wool wash program if this is not instructed on the care label).
  • the wear and tear on the product is normal (for instance local pilling). 
  • changes have been made to the product, including reparations which have not been performed with Baby’s Only's permission. 
  • defects in the product result of improper or incompetent use. 
  • damage to the product is caused by wilful acts, gross negligence or poor maintenance which can be credited to the buyer. 


We would like you to be satisfied with our brand. But actually, we want even a little more than that. We want to create Baby’s Only fans!  

Do you have a complaint? Rest assured that it will be taken seriously. First, always contact a Baby’s Only dealer. In most cases, the complaint will be dealt with quickly. Can't manage on your own? Let us know.  

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