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TOG values

All blankets, sleeping bags and duvet covers of Baby’s Only are safe for babies and have been tested for TOG values. These tests are performed by an independent testing institute, TÜV Rheinland in Arnhem. 

What is TOG value? 

The TOG value (Thermal Overall Grade) is an indication of thermal resistance and the insulation value of fabric. The higher the TOG value, the warmer the material and the better it insulates. 

The TOG value serves to prevent the baby from becoming overheated. Because every baby has a different reaction to covering and clothing, it is important to keep checking the comfort by feeling the neck and feet (the skin should not feel clammy or cold). 


It doesn't matter which material is used for clothing or the baby room. Both natural (cotton, wool) and synthetic (acryl, polyester) bed fabric is suitable for a baby, as long as the bed is made neatly and tightly. That way, the child's head cannot go underneath the blankets, so that there is no risk of heat congestion.  

What is the TOG value for a safe baby sleeping comfort? 

Whether a blanket is sufficiently warm for the baby, depends i.a. on the room temperature of the room where the baby sleeps. Safe TOG values for a baby, measured at room temperature, lie between 0 and 4. 


Roomtemperatuur:               TOG:

Up to 16°C                                 max. 4,0 TOG

16°C tot 20°C                            2,0 – 3,5 TOG

20°C tot 24°C                            1,0 – 2,0 TOG

Over 24°C                                  max. 1,0 TOG


Take care when folding products like blankets. This will cause the TOG value to double. This principle also applies to multiple layers.

Example 1: a blanket with teddy lining has a TOG value of 2.4. If you fold it, the TOG value becomes 4.8 (2x2.4). This exceeds the recommended maximum TOG value of 4.0.

Example 2: a sleeping bag has a TOG value of 1.3. If you combine it with a blanket with a TOG value of 3.0, the total TOG value becomes 4.3 (1.3+3.0). This exceeds the recommended maximum TOG value of 4.0.

Folding or layering is therefore not always advised!

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