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Cuddle cloths

Your baby won't be able to stop cuddling a Baby’s Only cuddle cloth. These knitted cuddle cloths are star-shaped and super-soft. Cuddling has never been this much fun. The structural difference between the front and back sides stimulates the baby's tactile sense. The cuddling cloths are available in different knitting patterns and colours.

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Cosy cuddle cloth 

A cuddle cloth is, as the name suggests, a cloth to cuddle with.  In general, babies love cuddle cloths. The cloths are nice and soft and after some serious cuddling, the baby's scent will stick to it. This calms and soothes your baby.  

Cuddle cloth or pacifier cloth 

A pacifier cloth is sometimes used as a cuddle cloth, but a cuddle cloth cannot be used as a pacifier cloth. The difference is that a cuddle cloth has no loop for the pacifier.  

Baby’s Only cuddle cloths 

Baby’s Only cuddle cloths are stylish, fashionable and above all super-soft. The knitting patterns and colours match seamlessly with the rest of the collection. Nice to combine with a matching stuffed animal. The cuddle cloths are breathable and stimulate the sensory development of your baby. The cuddling cloths are star-shaped and are extra soft for even more cuddling fun. 

Tip: give a pacifier cloth or cuddle cloth as gift 

Are you looking for a nice gift for a new mom you're visiting? Then buy a pacifier cloth or a cuddle cloth. Or how about a beautifully knitted stuffed animal? Young children are often very attached to their pacifier, cloth or rag. A Baby’s Only cuddling cloth is so soft, that it's a delight to cuddle with it. Guaranteed success.

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