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Pacifier cloths

Your baby will love to cuddle with these soft pacifier cloths. Each pacifier cloth has a loop to which your baby's pacifier can be fastened. This makes it easier to find the pacifier again. Pacifier cloths are ideally suited for when you're on the road or in bed. Your baby will fall asleep in no time. Available in various designs, knitting patterns and colours.

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Why a pacifier cloth? 

A pacifier cloth is nothing more than a cloth or rag with a loop for the pacifier. The pacifier cloth has two functions: to lose the pacifier less quickly and the cloth is often used as a cuddle cloth. When your baby cuddles with the cloth, it will have a familiar scent, which calms and soothes your baby. 

Baby’s Only pacifier cloths 

Baby’s Only pacifier cloths are known for their beautiful quality and finish. The cloths are made of soft knitting, making them very comfortable for your baby. The knitting patterns and colours of the pacifier cloths match seamlessly with the rest of the collection. Works well as a set with a matching burp cloth. The super-soft pacified cloths are very comfortable for your baby They are washable, colour-fast, shape-retaining and washable at 60 degrees.  

Square or heart-shaped pacifier cloths 

Baby’s Only pacifier cloths are available in various designs, knitting patterns and colours. Will you choose a square pacifier cloth, or do you prefer a heat-shaped cloth? With a classic knitting pattern or a knitted cable pattern? You can also choose from various colours.  

Giving a pacifier cloth or cuddle cloth as a gift 

Are you looking for a nice gift for a new mom you're visiting? How about giving a pacifier cloth or a cuddle cloth? Young children are often very attached to their pacifier, cloth or rag. Baby’s Only cloths are so soft, that it's a delight to cuddle with them. Guaranteed success.

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