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Hot water bottle covers

Will you choose a brightly coloured hot water bottle covers, one with stars or rather one with mild pastel colours? Baby’s Only has it all. All hot water bottle covers have been knitted with a double layer, so that they are safe to use. Available in a standard size for a regular warm water bottle for babies, and an extra-large size for a Zensy bottle. 

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Why use a hot water bottle covers? 

Many new-born babies are unable to keep themselves warm. To (pre)warm the baby bed or baby crib, a warm water bottle is often used. This will keep your child comfortably warm. The warm water bottle always goes in a protective cover, the hot water bottle covers.  

Protective cover for the warm water bottle 

Because a warm water bottle is filled with hot water, it can become very hot. A protective cover makes sure the heat is stored, while you less easily burn yourself on the hot water bottle's heat. Make sure that your child never touches the warm water bottle! 

Standard size or for a Zensy bottle 

Warm water bottles come in various types. Most hot water bottle covers are suitable for the standard-size metal warm water bottle. It can be closed off on top with a bow and on the inside it has a soft, thick lining. There are also extra-large hot water bottle covers which fit around a Zensy bottle. 

Baby’s Only hot water bottle covers 

Baby’s Only hot water bottle covers are known for their beautiful quality and finish. These tough, knitted protective covers for your warm water bottle are available in two sizes: standard or extra-large. Deliverable in various knitting patterns, prints and colours. All hot water bottle covers have been knitted with a double layer, so that they are extra thick and even more protective against the hot water bottle cover's heat. Your child's bed will be nice and warm and at the same time these fancy hot water bottle covers are a nice accessory for the baby room. Also works great as a gift!

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